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On Thursday, 19th May, 12 employees participated successfully in the business2run in Gmunden.

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SEMA Machine Tools - Trainee programme - Your start into the future!

SEMA trainee programme

It is very important to SEMA to be able to offer trainee and development. This is why the company has become one of the largest technical worker training sites in the Salzkammergut.

For years, SEMA has relied on the potential of the young people it trains, who discover not only a varied and multifaceted training programme, but also many further development opportunities and career prospects within the company.

We maintain a very good working atmosphere, which is proven by the fact that some employees have been with SEMA since the very beginning while others have remained loyal to the company since completing their training programme.

SEMA offers a modern, high-quality professional education and much more. The prospects of a successful and secure future belong only to those who acquire solid basic skills and sufficient experience.

Choosing a profession

For many, choosing a profession is not easy. To help with orientation, SEMA offers the opportunity to try out different possibilities.

We consider it very important to make use of this opportunity before starting a trainee programme since it offers a chance to test whether or not the potential profession is the right one.

This introductory internship also offers the chance to speak with existing trainees and their instructors.


Parents or legal guardians may accompany the youth to their interview or first meeting.

We’d be glad to show you around, introduce you to our masters and show you the apprenticeship plan.

Training opportunities

A detailed description of the professions can be found at, a service of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Metalworker in the area of machine tool technology

Link to - Metalworking

Metalworker in the area of machining technology

Link to - Metalworking

Mechatronic technician

Link to - Mechatronics

Electrician in the area of plant and operating equipment

Link to - Electrical engineering

Applications for trainee positions are welcome at any time!

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