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On Thursday, 19th May, 12 employees participated successfully in the business2run in Gmunden.

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SEMA: The number one company in machine tools

SEMA Machine Tools from Traunkirchen in Austria has developed and manufactured machine tools since 1988 and is an indispensable partner to customers in all parts of the world.

The company’s business activities are focused on the development, manufacturing and assembly of custom machine tools for series production and special machining. SEMA Machine Tools views itself above all as a competent problem-solver, not simply a supplier of innovative and high-performance machines and plants. From the first consultation meeting to assembly and lifetime on-site service, SEMA Machine Tools does it all.

Adolf Schacherleitner - the founder of SEMA and his story:

Adolf Schacherleitner, founder and Managing Director of SEMA Machine Tools

“It all started when I bought myself a drawing board and produced designs for various companies. This quickly became unfulfilling since I only made drawings and submitted them; I never had a chance to actually see the machines I designed. So I leased a hall in Gmunden and founded SEMA Machine Tools in 1989, starting with two employees.

In 1995, I relocated the operation to Traunkirchen, where I purchased the former brick factory, which was in a terrible condition, renovated it and then expanded it continuously. I also grew my workforce, and SEMA Machine Tools now employees about 200 people.

Today, I am able to focus more on the pure business aspects. What many people don’t know is that the letters SEMA stand for Schacherleitner Elektronik Maschinenbau (Schacherleitner Electronics and Machine Tools). SEMA Machine Tools is my life’s work, successfully built with the help of my employees!"

A broad spectrum of know-how in diverse industries

Drilling, reaming, milling, lathing, threading, sawing, grinding, bending, beading, punching, broaching, embossing, rolling, forming, marking, assembling, cleaning, packing, deburring

SEMA Machine Tools possesses wide-ranging competence and can guarantee customers extensive know-how in the following industry sectors:

The best solution for your company

Passion, hard work, personal dedication and commitment are key to the success of SEMA Machine Tools and therefore for the satisfaction of our customers as well. SEMA Machine Tools is always “in tune with the times” in order to work with the customer to develop the best solution for the task at hand. To ensure this, SEMA Machine Tools is constantly engaged in research and development that pushes the boundaries of what is possible or even redefines them entirely. This is how we have already convinced countless customers of the value of our modular SEMA concept. The company focuses on:

SEMA Maschinenbau GmbH

Manufacturing and sale of customised cutting machine tool building for series production and special machining.

SEMA Komponenten GmbH

 Manufacturing and sale of machine components.

SEMA Service GmbH

 Provider of service and maintenance services for machine tools and automations.