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Deburring Tools

Requirements concerning the workpiece and its edges are increasing. This page explains which tools can be used for deburring.

Deburring brush

In various sizes, made of steel or plastic, for deburring easy accessible edges. The control unit automatically compensates attrition. The brushes are clamped into the machine through a quick change system.

Internal deburring brush

Internal deburring by brush. To compensate attrition, new brushes are supplied from a magazine. If the internal diameter is bigger, the attrition can also be corrected automatically by the control unit.


For initial deburring of gearings and removal of large primary burrs.The burr is inserted  into an electric high-frequency milling spindle and is therefore able to work at various speeds. The burr follows the gearing or can be specifically placed at an edge that needs deburring.

Planetary deburring heads

For deburring of faces. The planetary deburring head is equipped with 4 disc brushes which counter-rotate. This ensures a consistent deburring of the whole face. The control unit automatically compensates attrition.

Grinding discs

For grinding faces and curves, for improving the surface, or for preparing for the following process, e.g. brushing or polishing.