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On Thursday, 19th May, 12 employees participated successfully in the business2run in Gmunden.

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Feed slides from SEMA Machine Tools

For precise positioning!

The SEMA feed slide is a mature, flexible and reliable component offered by SEMA Machine Tools to its customers.

Adaptation to the customer conditions makes SEMA feed slides the ideal choice. The feed slide is dimensioned based on the required feed force and speed and in consideration of the machine building  experience of SEMA Machine Tools.


  • Sturdy construction with hardened and ground recirculating roller rails
  • High precision and load capacity
  • Feed speed of 60 m/min, driven by AC servo motor combined with recirculating ball screw or threaded roller drive, linear drive or hydraulic cylinder
  • Variable belt box positioning
  • Variable drive transmission ratio
  • Central lubrication connection for recirculating ball screw, bearing and guide carriage provided
  • Precise attachment and alignment of attachments using cross feather slots (feather keys)
  • 3D models and short delivery times

SEMA feed slides, e.g. SEMA SL35

  • Recirculating roller guides of size 35 mm
  • Stroke of 170 mm or more
  • Feed force and speed according to customer requirements
  • Telescoping cover in all three axes