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On Thursday, 19th May, 12 employees participated successfully in the business2run in Gmunden.

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Motor spindles from the component shop of SEMA Machine tools

High performance in a small package - drilling, milling, sawing, lathing!

Motor spindles are increasingly found in modern machine tools, and SEMA Machine Tools is happy to offer its know-how in this area. A motor spindle combines the highest output with minimal size, making it one of the most important components of a modern machine tool.

Because the motor spindle has no gearing or translation, it must be perfectly adapted to the application. This is where the strengths of SEMA Machine Tools come to the fore. The wishes of the customer are addressed to deliver a motor spindle that perfectly satisfies the requirements.



  • Long or short spindle nose available
  • Precision spindle bearing for maximum precision
  • Sturdy construction with hardened and ground spindle
  • Speed range up to 15,000 rpm, or more on request
  • Standard drive output up to 50 kW, or more on request
  • Labyrinth seal with sealing air connection
  • Variable belt box positioning
  • Variable drive transmission ratio
  • Automatic tool change with pneumatic or hydraulic actuation possible
  • Internal coolant supply or minimum lubrication possible

Bearing situated on the working side, depending on machining forces and rotation speed

  • 2 bearing (DB bearing placement)
  • 3 bearing (TBT bearing placement)
  • 4 bearing (QBC bearing placement)

Motor spindle SEMA ME55

  • Fastening of the motor spindle via housing or flange
  • Bearing diameter 55 mm