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On Thursday, 19th May, 12 employees participated successfully in the business2run in Gmunden.

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Multi-Axis Units from SEMA Machine Tools

For individual processing options!

A multi-axis unit with precisely coordinated space, forces and precision brings considerable advantages - not too much, but also not too little!
Our customers profit from the countless applications implemented by SEMA Machine Tools based on its modular assembly system. There is no application with which we are unfamiliar. The multi-axis unit from SEMA Machine Tools is optimally adapted with regard to stiffness and damping.
Variable selection of the rail type - whether a recirculating ball screw, threaded roller drive or linear drive, custom solutions are standard at SEMA Machine Tools.


  • Flexible positioning of the Z/X/Y axis chosen for your application based on the SEMA modular system
  • Spindle installation with carriage unit SE with vertical axis (Y axis) or horizontal axis (X axis) on the carriage plate
  • Additional axes such as a B axis are possible
  • Spindle installation with carriage unit SE-F with horizontal axis (Z axis) through the carriage
  • Sturdy construction with hardened and ground recirculating roller guides of size 15 to 65 mm and more
  • High precision and load capacity
  • Feed speed of 60 m/min, driven by AC servo motor combined with recirculating ball screw or threaded roller drive, linear drive or hydraulic cylinder
  • Variable belt box positioning or directly on the recirculating ball spindle
  • Variable drive transmission ratio
  • Central lubrication connection for recirculating ball screw, bearing and guide carriage provided
  • Optionally with guide track wiper, bellows or telescoping cover
  • Precise attachment and alignment of attachments using a feather key cross
  • Designed for assembly with SEMA machining units
  • 3D models and short delivery times

SEMA multi-axis unit, e.g. SEMA 3AE-45 with 3 axes

  • 3 axes (X/Y/Z)
  • Recirculating roller guides of size 45 mm
  • Telescoping cover in all three axes