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Tool spindles from SEMA Machine Tools

For drilling, milling, sawing and lathing!

SEMA components: tool spindle SE70

The externally driven SEMA tool spindles are characterised by the ability to sustain high radial or axial forces.

The precision spindle bearings used guarantee high spindle stiffness and maximum radial and axial run-out quality. SEMA tool spindles also feature a robust design.

SEMA tool spindles have lifetime lubrication, meaning less maintenance work and a minimised error risk. With the aid of sealing air, the tool spindles satisfy protection class IP64.



  • Long or short spindle nose available
  • Precision spindle bearing for maximum precision
  • Sturdy construction with hardened and ground spindle
  • Speed range up to 15,000 rpm, or more on request
  • Standard drive output up to 50 kW, or more on request
  • Labyrinth seal with sealing air connection
  • Variable belt box positioning
  • Variable drive transmission ratio
  • Automatic tool change with pneumatic or hydraulic actuation possible
  • Internal coolant supply or minimum lubrication possible

Bearing situated on the working side

  • 2 bearing
  • 3 bearing
  • 4 bearing

Spindle units for drilling, milling, sawing and lathing

Tool spindle SEMA SE55 - housing or flange

  • Fastening of the spindle unit via housing or flange
  • Bearing diameter 55 mm

Tool spindle SEMA SE70-G - housing

  • Fastening of the spindle unit via housing facing down
  • Bearing diameter 70 mm

Tool spindle SEMA SE70-F - flange

  • Fastening of the spindle unit via flange
  • Bearing diameter 70 mm

Tool spindle SEMA SE70-P - spindle sleeve

  • Fastening of the spindle unit via housing, feed movement by spindle.
  • Bearing diameter 70 mm