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On Thursday, 19th May, 12 employees participated successfully in the business2run in Gmunden.

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Machine tools for diverse industries

Drilling, reaming, milling, lathing, threading, sawing, grinding, bending, beading, punching, broaching, embossing, rolling, forming, marking, assembling, cleaning, packing, deburring

From SEMA machined tools of diverse sectors

SEMA Machine Tools enjoys a major advantage from its broad approach with an extremely diverse collection of machine types in many different industries. Our customers profit from this broad-based competence.

SEMA Machine Tools possesses wide-ranging competence and can guarantee customers extensive know-how in a large variety of industry sectors:

Since its founding, SEMA Machine Tools has also been an indispensable and constant partner to vehicle manufacturers. The high standards of the automotive industry very quickly became standard practice at SEMA.

Machining centres or production lines from SEMA Machine Tools are designed for smaller and medium-sized production volumes as desired by the customer. The systems of SEMA Machine Tools are characterised by flexibility and adaptability.

Large cubic workpieces, long pipes, highly complex components – precision and efficiency in exceptionally large dimensions – SEMA Machine Tools always offers the right technology for all of these challenges.

For high part volumes, special machining processes or a combination of different machining technologies in a single machine or production line, SEMA Machine Tools is the perfect partner.

There is a trend in general industry toward increasingly complex workpieces, which makes it necessary to ensure extremely flexible machine tools. SEMA Machine Tools addresses this need with a modular assembly system.

SEMA Machine Tools intentionally concentrates on more than just one industry or machine type because only this level of variety and the different applications make it possible to acquire maximum knowledge.

SEMA Machine Tools can offer the right solution for every industry, every application and every workpiece, big or small. Countless different workpieces have already been machined since the founding of SEMA Machine Tools.

The experts at SEMA Machine Tools don’t limit themselves to the machine tool itself; they also consider what comes before and after the machining.

Machine tools from SEMA Machine Tools are easy to integrate into existing or new production lines. This is guaranteed by the modular assembly system and close coordination with the customers before the design process begins.

The “one-stop shop” principle of SEMA Machine Tools is also very popular with customers. In line with this principle, all required machining processes and procedures are combined into a single production line. SEMA Machine Tools takes over the coordination process to deliver a turnkey solution! 

Aluminium, steel, plastic or composite: there are no limits on the material to be worked.