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On Thursday, 19th May, 12 employees participated successfully in the business2run in Gmunden.

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Machine tools for cars and trucks

SEMA Automotive: Crankshaft

Since its founding, SEMA Machine Tools has also been a reliable and constant partner to vehicle manufacturers. The high standards of the automotive industry have become standard practice at SEMA. High-precision machine tools are essential for a sturdy and long-lasting machining centre. From the design to commissioning and service, no matter what the challenge!

Machine tool solutions for:

SEMA: Automotive graphic

SEMA Machine Tools has already developed and successfully delivered solutions for over 50 different workpieces and processes. This confirms the trust placed by automotive manufacturers in the competence of SEMA Machine Tools. Precise, sturdy and reliable chucks are essential for efficient and inexpensive production by customers. SEMA Machine Tools has tremendous know-how in this area, thanks to its activities in diverse fields within all sectors of industry.
SEMA Machine Tools combines this with mature components that have seen years of practical testing in order to provide customers with a reliable machining solution. The commissioning of a machine is far from the end of SEMA’s involvement. With an effective and experienced service team, nothing stands in the way of many years of smooth production!

SEMA: Truck graphic

SEMA also has know-how to share in the area of motor vehicles. Massive machine construction is required by the size and precision of the workpieces. SEMA is exactly the right partner for large yet precise metal cutting.

Automotive examples


SEMA Automotive: Crankshaft

Gearbox selector fork

SEMA Automotive: Gearbox selector fork

Truck examples

Door hinges

SEMA Truck: Door hinges


SEMA Automotive: Truck camshaft

Rear axle

SEMA Automotive: Car rear axle

Car body parts

SEMA Automotive: Car body parts

Bevel gear

SEMA Truck: Bevel gear

Rear axle

SEMA Automotive: Truck rear axle