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On Thursday, 19th May, 12 employees participated successfully in the business2run in Gmunden.

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Machine tool solutions - Gearboxes for the automotive and truck industry

SEMA Automotive: Gearboxes

The gearbox connects the engine to the rest of the drive train. It is needed to compensate for the spread in transmission ratio before and after the gearbox.

Although a gearbox consists of relatively few components, they are nothing to sneeze at! The high-precision gearbox components demand the highest machining accuracy from the machine tool. This is further compounded by high part volumes.

SEMA Machine Tools is exactly the right partner here. Machine tools of unsurpassed precision and reliability that are specialised for series production are what SEMA Machine Tools offers its customers.

The machine tools from SEMA can also be easily integrated into a production line. With diverse concepts available, SEMA Machine Tools can always deliver just the right solution.