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On Thursday, 19th May, 12 employees participated successfully in the business2run in Gmunden.

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Custom-built machine tools - Core competence of SEMA

Drilling, reaming, milling, lathing, threading, sawing, grinding, bending, beading, punching, broaching, embossing, rolling, forming, marking, assembling, cleaning, packing, deburring

SEMA custom-built machine: Interior view

For medium part volumes or for large series with small lot sizes: the custom-built machine tools from SEMA Machine Tools are the ideal solution for short cycle times and high flexibility! Drilling and milling machines are designed entirely according to the individual requirements.

The cycle time is reduced by multi-sided complete machining of the workpiece without reclamping, by simultaneous machining of multiple parts or with a revolving table for loading and unloading in parallel with the machining time.

Chaining and integration of diverse machining processes, all the way to complete turnkey solutions! SEMA Machine Tools can offer a large range of solutions, which can also be seen in the range of different workpieces that have already been manufactured on machine tools from SEMA.

Custom-built machine tool examples

Spring supports

SEMA custom-built machine: Spring supports

Door frame

SEMA custom-built machine: Door frames for cars

Efficiency at a glance!

  • Simple to highly complex machining tasks with multiple multi-axis units and NC rotary axes
  • Spindle units situated freely in the space
  • Simultaneous multi-sided machining on one workpiece
  • Tool turrets or NC-controlled facing drives
  • Spindle units and facing units implementable with automatic tool changing
  • A wide range of other machining processes can be integrated
  • Chaining into entire production lines is possible

Axle supports and engine bracket

SEMA custom-built machine: Axle supports and engine bracket

Rear axles

SEMA custom-built machine: Rear axles

Application examples