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Lathe milling machines / HLC - Individual machine tool solutions

Lathing, drilling, threading, milling, gear cutting

lathe milling machine from SEMA Machine Tools

At SEMA Machine Tools, the slant bed lathe milling machine is individually assembled from the modular assembly system. This system consists of standardised components that are combined to meet the customer’s requirements. This customisation process always begins with the standard lathe from SEMA Machine Tools.

A customised system offers many advantages: not too much, but not to little – just right!

High product diversity among large workpieces with complex and precise machining requirements can be realised on SEMA slant bed lathe milling machines.

CNC slant bed lathe milling machine - main and counter spindles

The standardised lathe from SEMA Machine Tools serves as the basis for the slant bed lathe milling machine. The lathe milling machine has main and counter spindles of the same design.

Expansions with milling spindles are also possible, such as for milling gear teeth. Driven tools are therefore available for machining tasks in the C, Y and B axes.

Cost effectiveness at a glance

  • Tool turret on both sides with 8 tool locations for individual machining
  • Driven tools on the tool turret for milling or drilling
  • One tool spindle on each side for milling gear teeth

Slant bed lathe milling machine application examples

CNC slant bed lathe machine - front and end rear chucks

slant bed lathe machine from SEMA

This lathe from SEMA Machine Tools has seen successful use in the gas and oil industry.

The machine impresses with exceptional dimensions and very high flexibility. With the solidly designed front and rear end chucks, it is possible to machine very long pipes.

The machining length in the lathe can be extended to over 2,000 mm with a self-centring rest. The slant bed lathe from SEMA Machine Tools is powerhouse but still extremely precise!

Efficiency at a glance!

  • Tool turret with 8 tool locations for individual machining
  • Workpiece length of over 13,000 mm
  • Spindle hole of 220 mm or larger
  • Machining length of 2,000 mm or more
  • Torque of 1,300 Nm at 1,000 rpm
  • Rotary system with a driving power of 78 kW and a rotation speed of 2,500 rpm

Slant bed lathe application examples