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On Thursday, 19th May, 12 employees participated successfully in the business2run in Gmunden.

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Downloading SEMA Machine Tools brochures

Is the information on the website not quite enough? You can download our current brochures here. Page or click through them for additional insights into the world of machine tools from SEMA in Traunkirchen.

The download section of 3D models of the SEMA components can be found in

COMPONENTS/ 3D-Download>>

SEMA Performance image brochure DE/EN (approx.4,5MB)

SEMA Automotive Car & Truck DE/EN (approx.2,4MB)

SEMA rotary transfer machines DE/EN (approx.3,6MB)

SEMA deburring brochure DE/EN (approx. 3.4 MB)

SEMA automation brochure DE/EN (approx.2,5MB)

SEMA HDC Horizontal Double End Machining Centre brochure DE/EN (approx.0,6MB)

SEMA components brochure DE/EN (approx.4,0/2,4MB)

SEMA machine service brochure DE (approx.0,5MB)

SEMA Performance Image brochure CN/EN (approx.5MB)

SEMA Automotive Car & Truck CN/EN (approx.3MB)

SEMA Automotive Car & Truck Brochure RU/EN (ca. 2,4 MB)

SEMA Performance Image Brochure RU/EN (ca.5MB)

SEMA Rotary Transfer Machine Brochure EN/RU (ca.3,6MB)

SEMA Deburring Brochure EN/RU (ca.3,4MB)